Project Management & Economic assessment

Project Management & Economic Assessment

Eyota Solutions will serve Washington DC’s Department of Defense (DoD), Army corps of engineers, State department, General Service Administration (GSA) and the federal Government. We will ensure proper execution by delivering value engineered solutions on every project we handle.

We understand that construction projects are highly costly and must be structured an coordinated properly for cost efficiency and effectiveness. It has its complicated phases which must be carefully planned, budgeted and supervised using the best project management practices. We help you with the following taks:

  •  Project Planning
  •  Design
  •  Projection costing and budgeting
  •  Scheduling and Timelines
  •  Stakeholder management 
  •  Procurement
  •  Progress reporting and management
  •  Performance tracking and management 
  •  Methodological frameworks
  •  Recruitment construction and regulatory engineers

We have the requisite skills, knowledge and experience to manage varieties of innovative projects from conception to building and delivery with the right application of project management principles and software where and when applicable

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We also help run the cost benefit analysis of your projects. Our goal here is to help you understand the economic trade-offs between the options available at every stage of the project. This will help maximize quality while minimizing costs.

We measure the direct and indirect impacts of the methods and materials to make meaningful decisions which will contribute positively to the overall project. an overarching benefit

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