Eyota Solutions has a highly experienced management team with over 30 years combined experience in the industry, unique understanding of the procurement process and business development opportunities. Our business as a company operated by a woman and a Native American offers us an easier sail to securing a series of contracts.

Commercial Construction Projects:

Managed and overseaw the completion of three full renovation major construction projects valued more than $9M. From planning to budgeting and making key decisions, ensured the projects fell within the proposed budget and were completed on time.

2016 – 40,000 Sq Ft warehouse building located in Lisle, IL converted to office space. $2.3M.

Our Project History.

Project Title : Remodelling Project Category : Remodelling Project Status : Completed
Date : 05 August 2019

Project Value : $2.3

2017 – 100,000 Sq Ft commercial building located in Woodbridge, IL, renovated office, and warehouse space. $3.9M

Our Project History.

Project Title : Renovation Project Category : Renovation
Status : Completed
Date : 05 August 2019
Project Value : $3.9

2017 – 60,000 Sq Ft office building located in Naperville, IL, converted office space to warehouse space. $3.1M

Our Project History.

Project Title : Conversion Project Category : Conversion
Status : Completed
Date : 05 August 2019
Project Value : $3.1

Duties / Responsibilities for all three projects:

Oversee production from the conception phase to the construction phase, coordinating deadlines to ensure projects were completed within the proposed time frame.

  • Evaluated the project’s costs, prepared the budget outlining both soft and hard costs. When necessary, implemented alternative solutions to reduce budgets, such as using alternative building materials.
  • Supported and supervised subs and staff in day-to-day management, and controlled safety.
  • Communicated with staff, supervisors, and other parties involved with the construction project. Contributed to meetings discussing budgets, plans, and project goals. Created agendas for meetings and prepared documents, schedules and project account and financial logs.
  • Principal negotiator for all contracts. Negotiated and managed all change orders with management, contractors, and subcontractors.

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